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Total Cost of Finding a New Job? Apparently $6

In today’s long-tail, low-budget advertising world, Google AdWords has developed quite a long line of success stories. With anywhere from lanyards, business cards, restaurants, and events, this pay-per-click system has become the most cost-effective way of reaching consumers.

Now let’s say you don’t want to reach consumers, but rather you want to promote yourself. How about dem apples?

To help with his job search, Alec Brownstein targeted top advertising executives using just that, Google AdWords.

As a social media professional, an active member of the job search community, and a former Google AdWords Halloween costume, and I am appaled that I myself did not come up with a tactic so clever. Let the brainstorming for best-idea-ever-2.0 begin.

On an unrelated note, anyone hiring?