Bad SEO may cause depression, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts

It is generally widely known that optimizing for search engines is an important aspect of managing a website. Getting on the coveted first page of Google for your target keywords is crucial to driving traffic and maintaining proper brand visibility.

Unfortunately, for many companies and organizations, paying attention to SEO is still only treated as an added bonus to simply having a website to point people to. It is true that SEO makes a good website great, but could NOT paying attention to it actually cause harm to your brand?

Rozerem learned the hard way.

Rozerem bad SEO example

This is a Google screenshot of the search result for Rozerem. Apparently, in addition to helping your insomnia, Rozerem may also cause “worsening of depression, including suicidal thoughts and completed suicides, hallucinations, and nightmares.”

Unfortunately, the company did not include a meta description in their HTML code, and when Google could not find it to display during search results, nor could it find any other sensible write-up thanks to its obsolete and previously un-indexable Flash site, it grabbed the only text it could find: the fine print at the bottom of the site.

Where this poor SEO example probably did give the folks over at Rozerem nightmares, it goes up on my list as one of the greatest things I could ever dream about.


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