Why Grooveshark is the best online music player around

I could go on for hours about how Grooveshark is the best online music player in the world today. I could tell you that on it, you can find every song known to mankind. I could explain to you its “pandora-like” functions where it can autoplay a series of songs, allowing you to explore new music. I could also tell you stories about how Grooveshark has lead to new band discoveries. And the best thing I could tell you, is it’s all free.

But you know what? I won’t. I will just let Grooveshark show you themselves why they are so awesome. This time, it has nothing to do with their music playing ability; it has to do with their brilliant sense of humor (and maybe also their Where’s-Waldo-hidden ‘that’s what she said’ reference).

Grooveshark Maintenance Landing Page

Nooooo Pickles, not the coder!

(And since this is a social media-centric blog, I will also give props to their clever functional use of Twitter to update their maintenance status, essentially accessible from anywhere regardless of the website’s status.)


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