My Buzz With Google

Google Buzz and Google Wave

Google has recently put out some new products in their tech family, two notable ones being Wave and Buzz. I will admit I was the first one to sell myself out for a Wave invite, and though I was never excited about Buzz, I did link to it every social media account I managed.

I think these products have good potential, but they are missing one key element which will mark any product’s success: mobile technology. It’s great that Wave can be a home-base for a coherent conversation between a dozen people, but how do these participants know when changes have been made so they can approve? There is no email or push notification alerting of this. And for people who are on-the-go, how do they use Wave in a mobile savvy environment?

The same goes for Buzz. Luckily, many professionals these days use Gmail to read their email. This makes the Buzz product more relevant. But what happens when you’re not at your computer, which is, umm, a lot? Why would someone log onto a Web browser to update a Buzz status when Twitter has made it so easy to text in a status update? When Facebook has developed an app for every smartphone platform? When even YouTube has capabilities of uploading videos on the fly? When foursquare is quickly climbing the location-based update ladder? When most smartphones already have a Google Talk application that will allow them to keep up a status without actively being online?

Google, which at one time lead the Silicone Valley innovation, seems to be getting lazy. Buying-out a company and slapping an ad on it? The model is dying.

If you’re going to pioneer anything these days, it needs to be mobile friendly. Either Google will need to figure out how to integrate these new products into our mobile-obsessed world, or they will fail.

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